Hyperbarics chambers .Divings decompression

Hyperbarics chambers IB-100 series for decompression diving uses

Made of steel or stainless steel with inner diameters up to 1.800 mm. 5 bars working pressure, with outer lock and medical lock.

Model Inner Diameter
Use Length
Rating Working Pressure
Antechamber Doors diameter
IB-100 1.000 Coral 2.000 5,00 yes 550
IB-130 1.300 Learning 3.400 5,00 yes 700
IB-150 1.500 Diving clubs 3.700 5,00 yes 700
IB-170 1.700 Professional diving 3.900 5,00 yes 800
IB-180 1.800 Diving and oxigen therapy 4.000 5,00 yes 800


They are multiplace chambers with two compartments, outer lock and inner lock, specially designed to allow any treatment type, as well as feigned immersions, it helps to the diving teaching, oxygen therapy, tests of watertightness of diving teams, etc.

Their reduced size and weight make them ideal to locate them on foot of work. They are easily transportable in a medium truck, being also adaptive to a standard container of 20ft or 40 ft, tow, craft or vehicle.