Hyperbaric Chamber. Oxygen theraphy

Multiplace hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy. Iberco IB: 200 Series

We adapt to the space available in the hospital so that it can be operated in compliance with all standards of the Ministry of Industry.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was used to treat decompression sickness as well as extending medical treatment.

Common specifications

  • Polyvalent Cameras.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy external and internal operation.
  • 100% Reliable with thousands of hours of trouble-free treatment or special maintenance.
  • High profitability.

Technical data

  • working pressures Pt = up to 5 bar.
  • Test pressure = 1.5 x Pt bar.
  • Design temperature = -5°C to + 50°C.
  • Design code = ASME VIII-Div. 1 and Det Norske Veritas, CE Marked.

Nondestructive testing

X-rayed 100 % longitudinal and circumferential
Thickness Measurement For control, detection leaf
Ultrasonic Welding intermediate bottom
Liquid penetrant Couplings and peepholes
Hydraulic testing Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Pneumatic Testing Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Tetual operation Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)


  • Chamber and antechamber gauges Class 0.25 (Accuracy 0.25%)
  • Scales = 0-6 bar and 0-60 mca
  • Flowmeter 100 to 5000 lit/min

Valves and accessories

  • Attack and exhaust valves = needle type, brass.
  • Emergency and shut-off valves = ball type, Brass.
  • Accessories = type Ermeto, Brass.
  • Pipes = Copper different diameters.
  • For all oxygen and needle valves are degreased.