Underwater vision for diver and bells (Micro and Videocom)


Size like a Coke can

Highly sensible bw-or color-camera for use in low light conditions.
Thin, Polyester reinforced coaxial cable with a small current drag used for signal transmission and as dragging line.
Tow frame with additional weight to inspect wide areas.
Battery powered for use from small boats, independent of external power.
LED's with small power consumption for night dives and depth up to 300 m

MICRO is a mini camera with a bw-CCD camera chip the size of a Coke can. The video image is transmitted simultaneously via a 5 mm thin coaxial cable onto a TV screen and can be recorded with a standard recorder. MICRO is powered by the enclosed battery pack which gives it independence from other power supplies. The small dimensions open a wide operational field for the system. Scuba divers can inspect their diving spot, check their colleagues during their work or transmit the images of their investigation to the crew on shore. Other applications are long-term observations of marine flora and fauna for scientific use, investigations of ship hulls and pipes as well as the control of signals recorded by an echo sounder.

Fisherman prefer MICRO to observe their fishing sites and to find out more about the biting habits of fish. With a tow frame, larger areas can be investigated for wrecks and bottom profiles.

MICRO needs no maintenance and its light weight allows air travel, thus making it an ideal companion for divers.

MICRO consists of a small stainless steel pressure housing, including the bw-camera chip and the module for the frequency modulation for the transmission electronic. The camera window at the bottom is covered by Lexan, 4 LED's provide enough light at night up to a distance of 1 m in an average water visibility.

The set includes a console for 1.5 V batteries to switch the camera and the LED'S. MICRO requires power between 18-32V, depending on the cable length. All signals including the power supply are transmitted via one coaxial cable so that the use of susceptible, multipolar cables with a high current drag can be avoided. The 5 mm thin cable is reinforced with Polyester fibres so that it can be used as a dragging line as well. All pressure housings are waterproof to 300 m, cable can be chosen in lengths of 50, 100, 200 and 250 m. The video signal is amplitude modulated and can be observed on a TV screen with antenna input. With a 12 V TV, an additional car battery allows independence from other power sources.

For the professional user, a console with a little monitor, rechargeable batteries and a battery charger for 230 V is available. An extra power inverter allows the supply from a 12V boat battery.

A tow frame, made from stainless steel, gives the opportunity to inspect wide areas with a boat. The depth is depending on additional weights on the frame and on the towing speed. The camera can be mounted with a horizontal view, a view to the top or to the bottom. A horizontal viewing angle of 43° in water gives a wide picture. An additional cable reel can be ordered to avoid turns and damage of the cable.

Technical data


length 0,20 m
diameter 0,10 m
weight 1 Kg.
operation depth 300 m
light 4 LED
power requirement 18 - 32 VDC, cable length depending
energy 240 mA, 300 mA with LED
presure housing stainless steel with o_ring


type 1/3" CCD bw-chip
picture elements 512 (H) x 582 (V) pixel
resolution 380 TV lines
shutter ELC-automatic
output HF frequency modulated
lens 4,48 mm, F1.8
sensitivity 0,1 Lux
viewing angle 43° in water


type coaxial cable RG 174
construction polyester reinforced, PVC coat
breaking strength 100 Kg.
diameter 5 mm
length 50, 100, 200, 300 m
weight 20 g/m in air


length 0,25 m
width 0,24 m
height 0,10 m
weight 2 Kg. with batteries (50 m version)
construction switch for camera, LED
connector camera, antenna


length 0,50 m
width 0,25 m
height 0,20 m
weight 1 Kg. without lead


width 0,25 m
height 0,33 m
weight 1 Kg.
depth 0,22 m
material PVC


length 0,45 m
width 0,45 m
height 0,17 m
design bw-monitor (81x59 mm) rechargeable battery, 230 VAC battery charger



PARTI is a digital camera system for the observation and measurement of particles in the deep sea.
Light titanium housing for depth up to 6000 m. Optional plastic housing for shallow water application.
Very high resolution for macro imaging of particles.
Pre-programmed controller for starting time, recording time and -interval
Deployable as particle camera or observation camera.
Digital SONY camcorder with VHS, S-VHS and digital output for PC signal processing.

PARTI consists of a digital camcorder, a pre-programmed timer and a power pack, all integrated in a small pressure housing.

The system works autonomous, controlled by a microprocessor responsible for the recording times and intervals of the camera. These variables have to be set via a computer before launching the instrument. Between the recording intervals, the whole system waits in a sleep modus in order to minimise power consumption. The power consumption, which depends on the light required for the observations, limits the observation time.


This varies from a small LED array for the observation of particles illuminated from the rear side up to several intensive Krypton lights for far distance observations. Therefore, a separate power pack in an additional pressure housing can be connected to the system.

The maximum tape length of 60 minutes in short play modus allows between 1800 recordings at a minimum recording interval of two seconds spread over the whole period of deployment and one shot of 60 minutes. The pressure housing is made of titanium eluding all corrosion problems. With the low weight of 8.9 kg, the whole system is easily mounted on other instruments.

Technical data


material TiAl4V4 alloy
total weight 8,9 Kg.
lens cover Borosilicate glas
connector SUBCON or optional
deployment depth 6000 m


programming via PC
variables delay (1 min - 24 h), recording time (2 sec - 60 min), repeat time (12 sec - 24 h), iteration (o-254), optional longer
power 12 mA asleep, 110 mA awake


model digital SONY DCR-PC 10
size 61 x 129 x 118 mm
chip 1/3" CCD, 400.000 pixel
resolution 500 lines (ca. 400 analogous)
zoom 48x, (12x optical)
lens Zeiss 4,4 - 52,8 mm, F1:1,8 - 2,8
enlargement 12 um / pixel
sensitivity 3 lux at F1.8
recording time 60 min. (90 min long play)
shutter 1/5 - 1/4000 sec
power supply 7,2 V, 910 mA awake, 2 mA asleep


battery rechargeable NiMH, 7.2 V, 2600 mAh (optional Lithium lon accu)


Battery charger
Transport case


  • Plastic housing for shallow water application.
  • Low energy LED light.
  • Expanded controller with longer time constants.
  • Zoom and picture control online via cable.
  • Recording of data (depth, T, S, O2, ...) via sound track.
  • LED array light for rear particle illumination with a small power consumption, deplovment depth 6000 m.
  • Underwater lights with intensive Krypton bulbs, different openings from spots up to 75° in situ.
  • Deep sea flash lights with video trigger for ship bound applications and strong currents.
  • Custom designed constructions including different types of frames.
  • Image processing software and scientific handbook.
  • Shallow water housings.
  • Online control of all functions via cable.

VIDEOCOM. Underwater communication and video system



No need to say how important communication is nowadays, even for divers underwater while working or inspecting a site.

Our VIDEOCOM gives way to a new solution, providing under water video and underwater communication in an ALL IN ONE system.

VIDEOCOM is easy to handle, needs no installation work to be done and works autonomously without external power, giving way to efficient and accurate underwater surveys.

While the spectators at the surface watch the pictures made with the handheld camera and its light, they can even give commands and get response from the diver, to let him adjust the view of the camera or proceed to the next spot. While the diver guides the camera along the spot, the operater at the surface can change light, zoom, focus and talk with the diver.

The diver wears the full duplex communication unit under his suit, either dry or wet, and does not need any further equipment. In his hand he holds the camera in its frame with an additional light with 20 W power. The entire frame is mountable on an additional tow frame, which enables the user to perform surveys of larger areas. Mounting and dismounting is made easy with two snappers. The entire system can also be mounted on the divers helmet, giving him free hands while working. The zoom-camera enables the viewer at the surface to have a total view of the situation or a closer look at a certain spot. The whole underwater unit is made of stainless steel.

The surface unit features all needed controls for the system. A TV-VCR is integrated in the box to watch and store the underwater images. Built-in batteries make the system completely autonomous and can be charged without opening the case, and low power is indicated by a LED. The camera zoom and its focus are controlled with a joystick, also the focus can also be switched to autofocus. The light can be switched according to the situation.

The control panel for communication gives the possibility to adjust volume and microphone sensitivity at surface, volume underwater, and a communication general switch. The operator at the surface uses a combined microphone headset, but additionally a loudspeaker is integrated in the control panel. All communication can be recorded on the VCR in combination with the camera picture. An additional TV set or monitor output is provided.

Technical data


dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm x 800 mm
weight 35 Kg. approx
television built-in TV-VCR combination 37 cm
power built-in batteries, rechargable. External power supply: 230 VAC


dimensions camera * 80 mm x 400 mm (length)
dimensions light * 60 mm x mm (length)
weight in air 4,2 Kg.
camera SONY EVI-400 DR, color, 12X zoom f= 5,4 to 64,8 / 1 Lux sensitivity, resolution 460 lines
light 15 W
headset microphone-speaker unit, silicone-sealed, 1.5 m cable


diameter 5 mm
length 100 m / custom designed
conductor HF coaxial cable RG 174
construction kevlar fibres, PE foam, PE insulation
breaking strength 200 Kg.


Towed underwater camera

Reliable, light towed camera also for towing operations from small boats up to a depth of 300 m.

Thin, Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable with little current drag for the transmission of alt signals including power supply, neutrally buoyanced.

High tow speed for efficient investigations of large areas.

Open frame construction enables a quick exchange of components for different operations.

Custom designed for the best adaptation to the needs of every customer.


OBSERVER is a towed camera system based on the ROV model SPY. To guarantee compatibility with other models, many components were used from the motorized SPY system. Examples are the central electronic, which differs only in some aspects from the one of SPY, also lights, cable and reel as well as the camera can be used for both systems.

Dimensions and weight allow an operation from a small dinghy, also transportation in the trunk of a car and air travel are no problem. The open frame construction makes quick dismounting possible and allows the fast adaptation of accessories during operation.

OBSERVER is towed behind a boat on its own cable, sinking by its own weight to a depth depending on the cable length and the tow speed. Thus, large depth can be reached during search and recovery. Another application for OBSERVER is the observation of the working ROV. Here, the towed camera is hung over the ROV at a distance depending on the visibility of the water. Thus, the position of the ROV relative to its environment and the bottom can be watched on a second monitor. Exceptional: only one single cable is used for both systems. Observer is hanging on its own cable, transmitting all signals and the power supply of the ROV through its own electronic further on to SPY.

OBSERVER is equipped with a highly sensitive bw-camera which can be adjusted horizontally or in all up- and downwards positions. Additional cameras or different models can be mounted. Halogen lights provide the necessary light at night and in deep regions. Several accessories like cameras, still cameras, Sonar for automatic depth control or horizontal target Sonar and a depth meter can be mounted.

Another advantage of the compatibility of our systems is the possibility to convert OBSERVER into an active ROV. With an adaptation set, OBSERVER's central unit, the cable, connectors, lights, additional weights and the accessories can be used to construct a ROV of the model SPY, even by the user in the field. This allows extraordinary flexibility and saving.

All video and control signals are frquency-modulated and are transmitted in combination with the power supply via a special 9.8 mm thin coaxial cable. Kevlar fibres guarantee a breaking strength of 300 kg which makes an additional dragging line redundant. The outer PE coat gives the neutral buoyance in the water.

Due to the small cable diameter, the current drag stays small so that big depth can be reached also at higher speeds. The use of susceptible multipolar cables can be avoided. One accessory is a stainless steel cable reel with electric collectors, enabling a perfect transmission of the video signal without visible loss at the collectors without uncoiling the entire cable. Obeying our philosophy, every system can be constructed for the special purpose of every customer.

Technical data


length 1.20 m
width 0.58 m
height 0.35 m
weight 21 Kg.
operating depth 300 m
playload optional
power requirement 0,5 KW, 230-380 VAC, 50 Hz
speed 0-9 kn
light 2 x 50 W halogen
housing stainless steel with double O-ring


model 1/3" CCD bw-camera
image 512 (H) x 582 (V) pixel
resolution 380 horizontal lines
regulation of the light automatic ELC
output modulation in HF
lens 4.48 mm, manual iris F 1.8
sensitivity minimun 0.1 Lux
viewing angle 43° horizontal in water
housing plexiglass with double O-ring


length 0.45 m
width 0.45 m
height 0.17 m
weight 4 Kg.
power requirement 230 VAC, 50 Hz
video output 4 HF BNC outlets
material GFK


diameter 9.8 mm
length 100, 200, 300 m
conductor HF coaxial cable RG 58
construction Kevlar fibres, PE foam, PE insulation
weight 80 g/m in air
buoyancy 2 g/m in seawater
breaking strength 300 Kg.


length 0.52 m
width 0.80 m
height 0.95 m
weight 18 Kg.
transmission 2 slip rings
material stanless steel, inflatable tyres