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cámaras hiperbáricas
The accumulated technological expertise,

consistent effort coupled with applied research, have enabled Iberco is today one of the best Spanish companies within their specialty.

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Fire Safety.

Specialized in solving fire systems in unconventional environments.

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The design, manufacture, assembly and installation shop in place to protect part of our offer. We also offer customized options to meet your needs.

Development in engineering services. I+D+i

Within our services we specialize in creating products using underwater and oceanographic engineering, throughout, technical research and innovation for a higher quality of our results.


References relevant hyperbaric chambers and treatment facilities breathing gas supplied by IBERCO since 1982.


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We tell the oceanographic partner agencies, underwater engineering companies and we work together. A list of some of our cameras and some IBERCO Representatives worldwide.


 Intoxicación por monóxido de carbono en Santander. 22-09-2017

 IBERCO ha recibido la Certificación Final del proyecto I+D+I AVANZA2

 IBERCO ha revalidado su certificación como Fabricante de Equipos Sanitarios hasta 2022

 HOSPITAL MARQUES DE VALDECILLA - SANTANDER. Reacondicionamiento y mejora de diversos servicios en la

 IBERCO fabrica y entrega Módulo hiperbárico contenedorizado a PLOCAN

 IBERCO fabrica 12 armarios acorazados PROTECTOR-6 para 3 Centrales Nucleares en España.

 Madesa Sejahtera Utama e IBERCO, juntos en Medical Expo 2014

 IBERCO gana el concurso de suministro de 25 armarios acorazados en Sevilla

 IBERCO supera las F.A.T. de la Cámara hiperbárica ante la Marina de Indonesia

 Artículo en la revista DAN -Buceo en el lago Titicaca.

 IBERCO gana concurso internacional para suministro de Cámara Hiperbarica

 Dos cuerpos de Bomberos en la Provincia de Sevilla adquieren el PROTECTOR

 Enero de 2012 - Un PROTECTOR-4 para TST - Asturias

 Protector-4 en Bomberos de Cartagena

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IBERCO manufacture a hyperbaric chamber model IB-130 to SATO for profesional diving purposes.

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Ordered in early June, an IB-130 hyperbaric chamber for professional diving has been delivered, located in Tarragona, where SATO has an important job. This camera will be installed inside a container specially adapted for diving, with a high pressure air compressor that will charge the 12 + 1 air bottles of 50 L / 200 bars that it incorporates.

Carbon monoxide poisoning in Santander. 9/22/2017

viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017

Iberco congratulates all the staff of the service of the hyperbaric chamber for its excellent performance demonstrated in the serious problem caused by the intoxication of so many people. IBERCO, whose maintenance contract of the chamber maintains in force in 2017, also shows its satisfaction with the correct operation of the equipment in this emergency.

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IBERCO updates a hyperbaric Chamber of the Navy, built by IBERCO in 1989.

lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

After almost 30 years of service, IBERCO has carried out the design, supply and installation of safety system complements to adapt them to the current requirements in what has been like a great caretaker of it. These works have been carried out 100% under our management in the facilities of M. Bolea. Finally, the functional tests have been carried out in the presence of the Navy, which has given its consent, thus validating the adopted solutions.

Spanish Goverment overwhelms innovation (I+R) aid to companies and universities

martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

In the attached document, we show that our company, IBERCO, is one of the few beneficiaries of the aid program AVANXA R & D that after being audited has achieved 100% compliance in its two economic aspects and technical achievements. From here, we thank MINETUR the aid received and also to all employees who have made it possible with their effort and added to the technical means at their disposal by the company intelligence. Thanks.

Adjunto: 59El Gobierno embarga las ayudas a la innovación de pymes y universidades.pdf

Más información:

New multyplace hyperbaric chamber in Canary Islands

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

Before the end May 2017 come into operation a new hyperbaric chamber IBERCO in the port of Las Palmas. Its diving lock can be pressurised independently of the main chamber, if desired, makes it versatile for both treatment of diving accidents and for oxygen therapy.

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