Engineering services. I+D+i

Within our services we are especilistas in generating products using underwater and oceanographic engineering, throughout, technical research and innovation for a higher quality of our results.

Development I+D+i. Automatic Control IbercoMatic

  • Easily convert manual control of a hyperbaric chamber in a modern and secure control and automated data collection.
  • SIEMENS computer environment and equipment: safe, easy to use and guaranteed spare parts.
  • Comprehensive information hyperbaric treatment.
  • Quickly and safely automatic adaptation of unforeseen circumstances during treatment.
  • Easily curves create standard or customized treatment.
  • Storage curves created in a database in personal computer.
  • Built alarm system gives the operator more time to patient care.
  • Registration sessions conducted on a standard database Microsoft Access (box "black").
  • View and print data stored in the treatments at any date.
  • Operational safety : application control PC or touch screen.