Who we are

Our Quality Commitment


Iberco has as maximum priority the to get and to serve products of the highest quality, for considers it that the personal and managerial honesty is a basic value in anyone of its internal relationships, with its suppliers, with its clients, with the effective legality and in the society that is developed.

Iberco will propitiate, to maintain a high competitiveness, a high technical and operative capacity, the renovation and constant innovation of its facilities and the formation and its personnel's training in the professional aspects, technicians and of administration.

Iberco, is a serious company that adapts with flexibility to the reality of the existent orders, to design and to provide products of high quality.

Iberco will constantly assist the necessities of its external and internal clients, it will try to clarify and to make realistic and operative the specifications and requirements of its products and it will look for to improve the results of the same ones, stimulating any preventive action that avoids the appearance of problems so much internal as external.

All the works carried out by Iberco, so much inside as outside of their facilities they will be made in the strictest I execute from the relative norms to the security of people and things.

Iberco will be able the creative participation of all the people of the company in the solution of problems and the continuous improvement.

Iberco, collaborates with engineers consultants, engineering companies, technical offices and specialized shops to supplement the knowledge and means that it possesses and this way to be able to lend the suitable type of service required by the client.

With that end, we are settling down, permanently, new objectives for the different departments inside the organization, and implementing the appropriate programs that allow the attainment of those objectives.

Company Policy