Who we are

What differentiates our products and services?

  • Operator comfort with an ergonomic control panel design, having good swivel armchairs equipped with adjustable backrest armrest.
  • Operational reliability ensures long life of the installation
  • Compliance with current legislation.
  • Proven solutions for over 20 years.
  • Absence accident in our history.
  • Simple to solve normal operations solutions .
  • Close contact with medical directors of facilities in operation, we show how we can continually improve .
  • Will immediate communication with our customers.
  • Investment cheaper material resources , resulting in faster depreciation of the facility.
  • Minimal maintenance required , reducing operating costs.
  • never any of our facilities has had to suspend a session of oxygen due to failure , since 1995 .

Continuous innovation and improvement of the methods and systems.

Cámaras Hiperbáricas