Who we are

Our mission

What are?

An integrated engineering group with substantial existence since 1984 and consolidated presence in international markets, whose core activities are the manufacture of hyperbaric chambers, industrial facilities and weld heat treatments.

Not forget supplies equipment for safety related applications.

Our objectives:

Continue to develop a strong, viable and sustainable business venture.


Provide an appropriate return to our investors.

Supply products and services to society, contributing to improved welfare.

Offer employees the opportunity of his professional and personal development.



Use of best practices in the security environment stricter technologies.

The contribution of a team with high level of training and delivery.

We like to ...

... do well.

... "the first".

... at the time.

... fulfilling deadlines.

... "with shining eyes" only for those who enjoy what they do.

And all this with:

Maximum care and respect for the environment.

Priority to the health and safety of employees, customers and the general care.

Satisfaction to our customers in quality and service.